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How a Community Helped

It was a devastating diagnosis – Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  25 years old, married, a baby on the way.  The news reverberated through his family and his wife’s family.  Friends of his, people in the village he grew up in, all heard the news and felt for him.  He couldn’t work. Things were looking bleak.

After the shock and the reality set in, his family and close friends wanted to help and someone came up with the idea of holding a benefit.  They got together and set the gears into motion.  In the end, it involved caring people and merchants from Cambridge, Caldwell and Zanesville as well as his hometown of Cumberland.

By the end of this story, there are so many individuals to thank for the wonderful day and the support given to the Anthony Crozier family it is hard to figure out where to start.  The organizing committee for the benefit was: Peggy Warren, Lisa West, Mindy West, Judy Bates, Bea Bates, Susie Bates, Sharon Burch, Viola Abrams, Shirley Rhinehart, Debbie Crozier and Peggy Whited. 

Thanks to a whole hog butchered from Shirer Meats, a $75.00 gas card from Carnes Sunoco and $25.00 cash from Creative Design Solutions a benefit raffle could be held.  Tickets were printed and people started selling them and bless them, the public bought and kept on buying them. 

When asked, merchants from Cambridge, Caldwell and Zanesville donated gift certificates or merchandise to the cause.  Individuals that wanted to help also donated items as varied as quilts, 2 sets of corn-hole boards, MP-3 player, shovels, boxes of cucumbers and sweet corn.  Local Auctioneer Randy Pollock offered his services and an auction on the day of the benefit was announced. 

A donation jar was placed at Clark’s Grocery. It was never empty as change and bills were placed in it along with the good wishes of the donator. 

When asked, John and Peggy Whited donated the use of the Viking Building to hold the benefit.  After all, Anthony was one of their son’s friends while he was growing up in Cumberland. 

Flyers were made and passed out and posted in as many places as possible.  People were recruited to make pies, desserts, and side dishes for the big day. 

On the day of the benefit, after days of volunteer labor to get everything ready, there was a lottery ticket tree, a 50/50 drawing and a corn-hole contest.  People arrived and participated in the contest while others filled up the Viking gym.  Better than 40 people signed up for the auction with addresses from Cumberland, Caldwell, Zanesville, Cambridge and more.  The auction took place with lots of action, cheers and applause when a particularly large bid was made!  In the meantime the kitchen kept busy as people filed in and out with heaping plates of good food. 

At the end of the day, the surprised and grateful Anthony and Jessica were proudly presented with more than $10,000.00 

You can say what you want about the big cities but this was a great example of how people from the community rallied together to help a hometown boy.

Anthony was diagnosed with Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in May of this year. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments in Columbus, Ohio.

Anthony was raised in Cumberland, Ohio and is 2004 graduate of Meadowbrook High School. Anthony is the son of Debbie West Crozier and grandson of Kenny and Barb West. Anthony and his wife Jess are expecting their first child in September.

Jess has started a blog to keep family and friends updated on Anthony's progress. You can visit her blog at

The benefit committee wants to thank each and everyone of you that helped in some way. From the merchants who donated merchandise or gift certificates for the auction,
to the folks that made all the food - THANK YOU!
We couldn't have done it without each of you.



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